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We have some exciting news to share with our friends and donors! Fiat Lux Foundation’s investment in Kisii Eye Hospital continues to bear fruit, as this week Dr. Leopold Niyonsavye completed a one year fellowship in comprehensive ophthalmology at the hospital. The fellowship, which is sponsored by our long-time friend and collaborator, Dr. Dan Kiage, targets newly-trained ophthalmologists in Africa who wish to polish their diagnostic and surgical skills. Dr. Niyonsavye, who is originally from Burundi, worked under Dr. Kiage’s tutelage, learning how to perform state-of-the-art cataract (phaco) surgery, as well as glaucoma and corneal procedures.

Dr. Kiage continues to inspire us with his dedication and hard work. Since he founded Kisii Eye Hospital seven years ago, he and his colleagues have treated thousands of patients with visual disabilities. The hospital, which has been financially self-sufficient since 2015, is now training future generations of African ophthalmologists who will spread out across the continent. Since the availability of eye surgeons in developing countries is the major bottleneck in the fight against blindness, the significance of his work cannot be overstated.

2020 Prevent Blindness Eye Health Awareness Days

We joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Glaucoma Week March 8 – 14, 2020 by educating patients and creating awareness about Glaucoma.Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes progressive irreversible damage of the nerve for vision and slowly leads to blindness. It is often associated with high pressure inside the eye.

Avoid Blindness, Have your Eyes Tested.